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Your experiences, your information, your perspective and your voice can influence leaders to improve school health and wellness policies. But, only if you share it.

Contacting your federal and state legislators, along with your local school leaders, about pressing school health issues can make a difference. When you share your beliefs and experiences, you plant a seed that can grow into action. And that’s how change begins. 

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We Want Healthy School Food!


Tell the Illinois Board of Education we want healthy school food!

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is finalizing a new rule limiting junk food in school fundraisers. While this is an important step forward, as written, the proposed rule will not have the effect we want. The proposed rule would allow high schools to have 36 junk food fundraisers in 2014-2015! That's a junk food fundraiser every week of the school year.

As schools across the state are implementing their wellness policies and creating healthy fundraising strategies, this rule would send a message that using candy, cookies and ice cream to raise funds is acceptable. Please help us tell ISBE that we need their help to create healthy schools, and this is not the way to do it.

Please send a letter to ISBE by August 25 expressing your concern over the proposed rule. You can submit (or edit as you see fit) the letter below. To submit simply fill out your personal information on the right and hit the "Send Letter" button.

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