Tell the World about Healthy Schools


Think about when you first realized that our nation’s schools have serious challenges with health and wellness. Now, think about how much would change if others were also aware and committed to making change—parents, school leaders, community residents.

Spreading the word about student health and wellness in schools is an important step toward transforming our nation’s schools. It’s about sparking conversations that get people thinking.

It starts with understanding the issues and making the case to the people around you about why it matters. As someone who cares about health and wellness in schools, you are the best spokesperson for these issues: you can help your friends, neighbors and school community begin making healthy changes. 

Browse our programs and policy pages to learn why certain school health issues are making national headlines (or why we think they should).

Also, consider what makes these issues compelling to you. Maybe it’s the data or the personal stories. Then, connect with HSC’s community of advocates and share this information with your own networks.

Speak up about children’s health and our environment, at the water cooler or online:

Twitter @healthyschools

However you choose to share, your voice will help elevate these issues and inspire others to act—so every child has a healthy school.

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