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Parents, teachers, students, school nurses and many others are creating health-promoting changes at school through HSC's programs. Together, we are working to ensure that schools can provide students with healthy environments, nutritious food, opportunities for physical activity and lessons that support lifelong healthy habits.

OUR PROGRAMS / Change for Good
Change for Good

School food. School fitness. Schoolyards. Classrooms. They’re fundamental to a child’s wellbeing. Together, we can make them healthier.

OUR PROGRAMS / Cooking up Change
Cooking up Change®

Students across the nation are rewriting the recipe for school food.

OUR PROGRAMS / Fit to Learn
Fit to Learn®

With the help of Fit to Learn®, teachers are seamlessly integrating wellness into the classroom environment and the school experience.

OUR PROGRAMS / Green Clean Schools
Green Clean Schools

With HSC’s support, schools are cleaning to promote health without harming the environment.

OUR PROGRAMS / Health in Mind
Health in Mind

Improving Education Through Wellness

OUR PROGRAMS / Indoor Air Quality in Schools
Indoor Air Quality in Schools

The air children, teachers and staff breathe in school can make a difference between a productive day of learning and a trip to the emergency room.

OUR PROGRAMS / Parents United
Parents United for Healthy Schools

Through Parents United/Padres Unidos, parents in Chicago’s Latino and African-American communities are making change for kids’ health.

OUR PROGRAMS / School Nurse Leadership
School Nurse Leadership

School nurses are key to children’s health and success at school. They provide care to individual students and help shape school-wide policy.

OUR PROGRAMS / Space to Grow
Space to Grow

Greening Chicago Schoolyards

OUR PROGRAMS / Through Your Lens
Through Your Lens

What do you see at school every day? Students and teachers are showing the world what their school really looks like with the Through Your Lens photo community.

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