Creating Healthy Environments


Healthy school environments are tremendously important to children’s health and academic success. Problems such as exposure to chemicals, toxic building materials and mold contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality that negatively affects children’s ability to consistently attend school and learn. (This is especially true for the millions of children affected by asthma.) HSC works to improve indoor air quality and environmental health in schools through a variety of initiatives, resources and policy efforts.

HSC provides training, tools and leadership development opportunities on air quality and environmental health issues for school nurses, parents, teachers, principals, public officials, design professionals and others. As a result, our efforts to effect change are supported by active and engaged grassroots leaders at the school and community levels.

Action and Resource Guide for Indoor Air Quality


HSC created a comprehensive and easy-to-use handbook on school environmental hazards and strategies for improving school environmental health, particularly indoor air quality. The guide was created specifically for Illinois, with relevant state-level policy details, but includes lessons that could be of value to school leaders across the country.

The guide includes comprehensive resources and organizing information, practical application suggestions for your community schools, and information about relevant Illinois laws and regulations.

The guide comes with a safety checklist from the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Download the guide below.

Download the Action and Resource Guide for Healthy Schools

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